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                                        Orange Marmalade:   1@£1.70;  1@£1.65; 1@£1.55; 2@£1.30; 3@£1.25;                                        Lemon Marmalade:   1@£2.10; 1@£1.90; ; 2@£1.65; 2@£1.60;

                 4 pieces of Lemon Drizzle traybake,               

   or 4 pieces of Milk Chocolate Brownies, or 2 of each.                               Packed in box   £1                     



Style 1

Style 2

Church Cards

Plain white  - 5 cards in envelopes


Personalized Notelets printed to order.

 5 notelets in envelopes


Books by various authors

Book No: 1

Pocket Wordsearch

and pen.


50p each or 3 for £1.20 unless individually priced.


 Quarter of Fruit

Cake  (3 slices)  75p

Packed in sealed bag

Sturdy Cardboard Box with lid and handles  29cmx19cmx11.5cm



Topsy-Turvy Cinderella Doll

Sad Cinderella with a duster doing the housework. Happy Cinderella with a fan and Dance Card going to the ball.


4 Date & Treacle cakes

    in box   £1.20                     


Goods available for BOOKS & BITS email orders ONLY.  

I hope to have a Books & Bits delivery every time there is a service at St Andrew’s

Packed in named bags.    Payment by correct cash in named envelope, please.

Email: with your order.

If you want something and will not be in church I can deliver it for you.

 4 Nottingham Fingers

Packed in  box



1000 piece jigsaws

£2.50 each

Classic fm Hall of Fame

Outdoor Guys

Hidden Hideaway

500 piece jigsaw



Block puzzles


Six Classic Puzzles

Sorry - Sold Out.

QUIZ SHEETS, price £1, must be ordered by email and can be collected at St Andrew’s when there is a service

OR I can post it to you for £1.66 (incl postage) OR send you a pdf by email.