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                                        Orange Marmalade:   1@£1.50;  1@£1.30; 1@£1.25;

                                         Lemon Marmalade:     1@£2.10; 3@£2.00;        

                     NEW  Apple & Raisin Chutney:     3@£1.10;  3@£1.05;  

                 4 pieces of Lemon Drizzle traybake,               

   or 4 pieces of Milk Chocolate Brownies, or 2 of each.                               Packed in box   £1 or 2 for 50p                     



Style 1

Style 2

Church Cards

Plain white  - 5 cards in envelopes


Personalized Notelets printed to order.

 5 notelets in envelopes



 Quarter of Fruit

Cake  (3 slices)  75p

Packed in sealed bag

4 Date & Treacle cakes

    in box   £1.20 or 2 for 60p                     


Goods available for BOOKS & BITS email orders ONLY.  

DELIVERY DATES: 24th October, 12th December.

Packed in named bags.    Payment by correct cash in named envelope, please.

Email: with your order.

If you want something and will not be in church I can deliver it for you.

 4 Nottingham Fingers

Packed in  box

£1.00 or 2 for 50p

1000 piece jigsaws

£2.50 each

Classic fm Hall of Fame


4 Cheese & Chive Scones

£1.20 or 2 for 60p




Special Offer

I piece missing only 50p

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Books by various authors

Book No: 1

Pocket Wordsearch

and pen.


50p each or 3 for £1.20 unless individually priced.

AUTUMN QUIZ SHEETS:  24th October is the last date for handing in completed entries.

CHURCH CHRISTMAS CARDS:  I shall be selling these at the Christmas Fayre on 27th November but if you require personalised ones with your address on these must be ordered NOW.              

SEE BELOW Order forms will be available at the back of church on 24th and 31st October.

Picture painted


Christmas Crib

Only 1 left


Sorry - Sold Out.

Sorry - Sold Out.

Sorry - Sold Out.